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medical writing services, manuscript editing services  
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medical writing services      
medical writing services, manuscript editing services  
Publish that Paper - Free e-course
Time to sit down and write the manuscript.
"To become a world-class scientist today one able to navigate the publishing process with skill and speed, as well as write with clarity, accuracy, and grace." Monica Bradford, Executive Editor, Science

Get your manuscript accepted now.

This e-course will help you polish your scientific manuscripts and boost your publication record. 

You’ll learn tips and techniques that will help your papers get accepted quickly. 

Editors will appreciate the improved results and colleagues will praise your clear data.

Here at AIM Biomedical, my mission is to help scientists clearly communicate their research. This free weekly course is just my way of offering you tips and techniques that I've learned from years of writing.

This comprehensive training on scientific publications will give you the practical tools to get your papers, posters, and books accepted quickly. You will learn:

  • How to select a compatible journal, including a discussion of open access publishing
  • The most common writing mistakes, which are easily fixed
  • Ways to avoid editorial rejection
  • How to deal with ethical issues in publication, such as authorship and plagiarism
  • And much more...

You will receive links to dozens of additional valuable resources that you can access any time.

Sign up now for Publish that Paper.

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Your privacy is very important and your information will remain confidential. I will never share your email address with a third party.

medical writing services, manuscript editing services
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